1:44 Min

primtech intelligent substation design -
Evolution is the first step towards revolution

The trailer shows an excerpt of the evolution, from technical drawings to CAD systems, as well as modern possibilities to design a 3D substation. Sit back, enjoy the animation and let yourself be drawn into the exciting new world of substation design.

3:18 Min

Substation design: connections – wires, tubes and clamps

In the substation design process, wires and wire-connections are important components, along with the wire-sag. This short video illustrates the amazingly easy handling and manipulation of wires and tubes using primtech – the way to intelligent substation design. It is just an insight into what is possible, without taking too much of your time. To get a comprehensive picture, feel free to contact us.

2:24 Min

Substation design: lightning protection calculation

The following video shortly demonstrates how lightning protection calculation works in primtech. Choose between wires and rods and let primtech quickly do the rest.

1:42 Min

Substation design: lightning protection calculation - buildings

This video shortly demonstrates how primtech calculates lightning protection for Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) buildings. Simply choose e.g. rods and primtech will calculate the protected volume.

2:42 Min

Substation design: phase checker

The following video demonstrates how phase checking works in primtech. After identifying the individual phases primtech can detect the phases over the whole substation recognizing the geometries of live parts. It then represents each phase of the substation in a different color.

3:57 Min

Substation design: clearance calculation

This demo shows primtech’s clearance calculation in Air Insulated Substations. Starting with a 3D CAD model, all live parts are automatically classified into the 3 phases and clearances are checked.

7:31 Min

Substation design: BIM - Building Information Modeling - control building for HV substations

This BIM - Building Information Modeling video demonstrates how easy it is to create a control building for high-voltage substations using the primtech BIM feature. The three main stages to create a control building are covered by special functions. They are: easy 3D building modeling (intelligent objects like walls, doors, stairs…), interior equipment objects and furnishings (switchboards, office furniture …) and, last but not least, comfortable drawing creation and reporting.

5:55 Min

Substation design: visualization and real time performance - big substation model

The video shows the real time performance of primtech 3d without fast forwarding. It demonstrates the easy modification of a substation model in 3D and part of the physical design process - including model management, design checks and visualization.
primtech has great usability, allowing you to manage your substation project efficiently. The primtech project management tool offers a tree structure to comfortably organize your substation in bays, modules and assemblies. You can furthermore manage different voltage levels, details e.g. small parts, drawings and much more.... The real time performance of primtech 3d shows the opening of a big substation (with 16000m of wires and 4000m of tubes) in about 20 seconds and the fast generation of bill of materials (BOM). See how we visualize a walkthrough of a substation. Experience walking around a substation from the ground perspective.