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primtech Success Story: Projektai ir Co in Lithuania
"primtech – the beginning of a new era
in electrical engineering sector with BIM"

About Projektai ir Co

UAB Projektai ir Co is responsible for the engineering design services with more than 100 experienced certified specialists and is offering the most innovative solutions. Projektai ir Co is a part of the UAB A. Žilinskio ir ko group of companies - one of the largest electrical and infrastructure sector companies in the Baltic states.

Why primtech?

Substation BIM

Because of the country’s transformation to become an established partner country of “building SMART Nordic”, Projektai ir Co decided that BIM integration and implementation is becoming a must - from the design phase to the maintenance phase. Tomas Gudaitis, Director, is convinced, “primtech enabled us to begin a new era in the regional electrical engineering sector - primtech is the perfect substation BIM software for advanced BIM processes - it gives not only a 3D model but also all the elements have information and it ‘understands’ the objects which enables us to avoid a lot of mistakes.”

Projektai ir Co is proud to be voted - with their primtech substation project - as the “Best Utility Network BIM Project“ in Lithuania in 2018.

Perfectly supports engineering processes

primtech is, according to Projektai ir Co, excellent for the engineering process and it perfectly supports the 2 phases of the common design process - the first project phase with a totally undefined substation and the “work” project phase where the previously made design is specified with real equipment and detailed. Tomas Gudaitis says, “that’s why primtech design philosophy ‘from undefined to specified’ is excellent for our engineering process as it can be easily detailed”.

ROI in the first year
Projektai ir Co is impressed and emphasizes that primtech is special for the company because it managed to achieve the expected goals and a Return on Investment (ROI) in just 9 months.
Improves design and easy to use

primtech is a very adaptable software. If you are missing something in the library, you can easily create it. For the engineers, the clearance checking system is - with absolutely no comments - a fantastic way to avoid errors.


Tomas Gudaitis concludes, “primtech is fantastic because it is just the perfect tool for substation design”.


primtech is fantastic because it is just the perfect tool for substation design. When you go with primtech - you will never understand how you used to design back in the day. With primtech we optimized the design process significantly, our projects became more reliable and mistake-proof.

Tomas Gudaitis