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„It’s awesome. The software is very intuitive, it flows logically, it makes sense”

About Del-Mont Consultants

Del-Mont Consultants, Montrose, Colorado, USA provides quality professional engineering and surveying services to municipalities and private sector clients in Colorado and throughout the Western U.S.. Del-Mont offers a full range of Civil Engineering and surveying services from conceptual planning to support during construction of a project.

Customer interview and quotes

The design team at Del-Mont recently finalized their first substation project using primtech. To see what they said, click on the video.




It’s fantastic! We anticipated that we would have a fairly steep learning curve, and that we would need to adjust our way of thinking and our thought processes but the software is well written and logical and intuitive and each piece flows into the next piece. Before you’re quite done, you come to the realization that you’ve designed an entire substation.

Mathew White