primtech DT

Experience the VR revolution in substation simulation

Discover primtech DT, the pioneering software solution for creating a digital twin and a virtual reality environment.

At the touch of a button, you can easily visualize and open your 3D BIM model created in primtech 3d. primtech DT is a VR environment that can be linked to other databases and thus enables the creation of a digital twin that displays, for example, device names, device nameplates as photos and asset data.

Carry out simulations and use primtech DT across departmental boundaries, e.g. for the new construction, conversion, operation and maintenance of your substations.


primtech DT Test Version 1.0

Our promise to you: Anyone can use primtech DT, from 8 to 80 years old. We believe that 3D is the most natural way to access a switchgear and its plant data. None of our children have ever needed training or a manual to play a video game. Babies find their way around a 3D environment even before they start walking and talking.

To make sure we keep our promise, we are asking you to become a tester.
We want to get feedback from everyone and learn what it's like for you to walk through a virtual system and receive information directly from an asset using a regular laptop or VR goggles and a controller.

If you are interested in testing primtech DT, send us an email.