Sag Calculation

The primtech sag calculation tool calculates the temperature dependent forces - sag table for flexible conductor and conductor bundles. It also outputs an installation table.

The sag calculation supports the comparison of several scenarios and gives you the results in a report.

Additional Loads

Additional points of interest, e.g. above streets, can be set freely (as table columns). Strings and connected conductors are detected as additional loads and only need to be specified. Additional loads e.g. weights or pantograph contacts can be set freely along the bundles.

Weather Conditions

Mass dependent, temperature dependent forces and additional loads - caused by the weather e.g. wind, ice as well as wind on ice - can be taken into consideration in the sag calculation.

The weather conditions can be set in primtech quickly and easily for both the whole substation, as well as the parts of the substation. Since all the available values are read directly from the primtech information model and the conductor connections are grouped automatically, the need for you to input parameters is reduced to a minimum.

Sag Table

This table contains the calculated temperature dependent sag values for the desired points on the wire and loads as well as the respective occurring conductor tensile forces. The table further displays horizontal and vertical forces on the anchor points.

Installation Table

The installation table, which is needed for the installation of the conductor, is also created by primtech. In the installation table, additional loads are not taken into consideration so that the installer can read the respective sag or tensile forces depending on the temperature.

Excel Output

The results and tables are displayed quickly and clearly after each calculation. You can then output the results to an Excel table.

Scenario Calculations

primtech supports the comparison of several scenarios, e.g. for different conductor specifications, in order to optimize the design of the substation. This can be done by just copying an already defined scenario and adjusting the relevant values so as to compare the calculation results.




primtech is perfectly capable of checking the lightning protection of a substation, because the check in a 3D model is more accurate.
primtech additionally supports - through integrated checking of clearances - the optimization of the substation layout and thereby reduces investment costs.

Sascha Wodarczyk