Project and Model Management

for High-Voltage Substations in Primary Engineering

All the data relating to substation equipment that is required during the entire life-cycle is managed in the primtech project management system.


Project data is saved on the server in the checked-in area. Models are copied for editing into the local checked-out area, and are locked on the server against editing by other users. It is possible to see which models are checked out for editing by which users at any time.

Concurrent Engineering

Simultaneous editing of the CAD project files for a substation is optimally supported through the representation of the equipment structure and through the CheckIn/Out technology.

Replication, Distributed Sites

If it is not possible to maintain the data on a central server, primtech offers replication mechanisms for distributed systems. You can therefore carry out design work on a substation at different times around the world.

User Management

The user management system permits highly granular rights assignment. Unauthorized access to your data is thus prevented.


Each project associated with high-voltage switchgear is stored in the database with features such as its location, snow depth or voltage level. In this way you can obtain a quick overview of the design solutions applied to similar switchgear at any time. You can simply copy, cut and repeatedly insert fields that are identical or needed repeatedly.

Plant Standards

Through the primary technology plant standards area you are able to manage standard fields or fully typified partial equipment for reuse. This means that you can very simply apply your standards for high-voltage switchgear as a basis for design when planning new installations.

Large Installations

primtech manages the CAD data for the whole of your substation in a single structure of individual files under the control of the database. Handling this data is therefore transparent and extremely simple at all times. Even very large installations can therefore be worked on with high efficiency.

Database Technology

The core is a high-performance Oracle or MS-SQL server database that manages and interlinks all the information securely.