Evaluating High-Voltage Switchgears

primtech's evaluation model, which is integrated into the project management system, provides numbers, data and facts at the press of a button. In addition to a variety of calculation results, primtech supplies configurable parts lists in various formats.

Quantified BOM

You require neither CAD knowledge nor an AutoCAD workplace to prepare a quantified bill of materials. The full functionality is provided by the project management system.

The quantified BOM can be evaluated either over the project as a whole, or just over parts of your open-air switchgear. It can be used, for instance, to prepare a terminal list, or, if modifications are planned, to evaluate a newly designed part of the plant.

As well as the number of parts, primtech makes the volume (e.g. volume of concrete), the length (e.g. the length of cable or pipe) and the area (e.g. area to be painted) available for evaluation. Bills of material can be output either as Excel files or as MS Access databases.

Itemized BOM

The itemized bill of material is implemented by primtech through a BOM manager. This makes it possible to maintain consistent parts numbers across multiple files, and therefore for the entire switchgear installation. Automatic assignment of item numbers within the CAD drawing is also possible, as is the specification of number ranges for different types of component.

Company-Specific Evaluations

Due to the database-oriented system architecture of primtech, a large number of evaluations of the prepared switchgear are possible. Company-specific evaluations can be integrated at any time.