CAD / CAE Data Exchange for High-Voltage Switchgear

Data exchange plays a crucial role in the planning and design process. primtech offers functions for all common scenarios.


Because primtech uses AutoCAD, the standard DWG and DXF data formats are available for data exchange. Since the AutoCAD 2008 version, the MicroStation DGN format has also been supported.

Native 2-D Export

Your customers often only require 2-D drawings of a switchgear that is modelled in 3-D. primtech provides a tool for converting 3-D switchgear designs into a native, structured AutoCAD 2-D file for exactly this purpose.

Native 3-D Export

3-D export generates a native 3-D AutoCAD model out of primtech. Xref structures are resolved, and company-specific component information is removed. The 3-D model of your high-voltage switchgear is created in an export folder.

Export and Reimport of Plant Models

You can export a complete plant model, together with all the geometrical and meta-data. The exported model can be imported by another primtech user, and contains all the data required for further processing. After your switchgear has been modified externally, the model can be imported back into your primtech installation without difficulty.


primtech also offers comprehensive functions for fast, automated creation of your drawings in PDF and TIFF formats.