CAD Functions for the Planning and Design of Substations

primtech is based on the use of AutoCAD, the worldwide standard for CAD design and for the exchange of CAD data, as its graphic editor.

In addition to the specialized primtech CAD functions and primtech CAD objects, practically all AutoCAD functions are also available. Intelligent primtech-AutoCAD objects, developed specifically for the switchgear sector, make the design of a substation extremely easy with primtech.

Field Grids

Field grids, saved in the system according to voltage, serve as positioning aids for electrical equipment, and ensure that the distances between individual devices are not less than the voltage-dependent minimum clearances.

Cable/Pipe Connections

Cable and pipe connections can be put together under the guidance of a dialog, and automatically generated in the 3-D model. In addition to the cable, cable connections also include chains, springs and terminals, and the sag can be specified. Particular support is given to the three-phase design of an installation.

Cable Ducts

primtech supports the generation both of cast and of segmented cable ducts. Both the length and the volume of the cable ducts are available to assist the assessment of parts lists.

Earth Cable Network

Earth cable networks can easily be generated and assessed, including all their components such as terminals, earth cables, earthing details and so on.



Convenient functions allow roads and paths, including crossings, to be generated quickly. The creation of fences with mesh wire or rigid fence segments is also supported. This can all be evaluated for your parts list.

Lightning Protection

The lightning protection tool generates surface objects in AutoCAD, and these are screened against lightning stroke by the relevant lightning protection equipment. This allows both lightning protector rods and cables to be investigated.

Steel construction

Steel construction tool is supported by a comprehensive 3-D library including components such as steel lattice towers or supporting constructions for bus bars. A comprehensive library of profiles is also available, with which you can generate fully customized steel girders.


The saved materials, and the consistent 3-D design of a switchgear installation, allows you to see a photo-realistic representation quickly and easily.

Item Numbers

You can assign the item numbers individually, or assign them for an entire drawing with a single command.