primtech 3d

Primary Technology CAE System for CAD Design of High-Voltage Switchgear

primtech 3d, the CAE system, assists in each phase of the substation planning process, from the tender phase or the initial draft through to implementation planning. The powerful AutoCAD based software is used both for planning and design, as well as the documentation of substations. With primtech tools you can accelerate the planning process considerably and the simulation of a substation model in 3D is optimally supported.

High-voltage equipment, subsidiary constructions, tubes, cables, foundations – these are all simply selected from a comprehensive, extensible library, and placed, as intelligent 3-D-objects, on a voltage-dependent grid. Also, use primtech in Civil Engineering, e.g. when planning roads and cable ducts.

Take advantage of the possibility of designing building models such as Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) buildings or control buildings in your model. Integrated analysis tools such as lightning protection calculation and clearance calculation are available specifically for substation design.

The primtech evaluation functions and the automatic generation of CAD drawings relieves the designer of routine tasks, and helps to avoid expensive, time-consuming errors. Benchmark tests have shown that primtech users are more than 15 times faster in some phases of the design of a switchgear project than when other, conventional CAD software tools for designing substations are used.

Users all round the world are enthusiastic about the functionality, which has grown over years and which offers project managers the quick overview they need to make the right decisions.

Product Data Model

A high-voltage switchgear is saved in primtech as an integrated product data model, consisting of detailed 3-D geometry and of metadata. In accordance with the single-source principle, each item of information is present precisely once. Connectors are available for product-specific data relating to the substation displayed in the CAD system - the SAP/R3 connector, for example.

PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

primtech offers comprehensive support throughout the entire life-cycle of an installation, from the approvals planning stage, through the preparations for implementation and on to full operation and additions to the existing plant. Design variants can be managed and evaluated.