History and Facts

2021 - Corporate growth

Our team grows to over 50 members with teams located in Germany and Colombia

2018 - entegra founding member of Inovi Group

Inovi Group was founded. Inovi Group with more than 140 employees

2018 - primtech OSR and Digital Twin

The primtech OSR function was launched and the Digital Twin Idea of primtech was born

2016 - primtech INSIDE Launch

primtech offers from now on a login area for primtech Subscription customers

2015 - primtech Short Circuit Calculation

primtech offers a new integrated Calculation - for Short Circuit and Sag

2010 - Autodesk Gold Partner

entegra named Autodesk Gold Partner

2009 - Corporate growth

Our team grows to over 25 members

2008 - primtech replication module

Introduction of the replication module for cooperation at different locations

2003 - Autodesk Training Center

entegra named Autodesk Training Center

2000 - primtech introduced at SIEMENS

company-wide introduction of primtech at SIEMENS PTD

1999 - Autodesk Systems Center

Entegra named Autodesk Systems Center

1996 - primtech 1.0

First release of primtech for the local energy supplier EnBW.

1993 - AutoCAD Sales and Marketing

including training and customer support

1992 - Software Development

First customer specific software projects

1991 - Foundation in Karlsruhe

Focus mainly on CAD-services for AutoCAD and CATIA