SDSIC Spring 2024 Live Event

Kansas City, MO, USA (Kansas City Convention Center)

gold sponsors: entegra gmbh

Presentations at the Innovative Solutions committee:
Tuesday 23th April, 11 a.m.
Automated As-build model creation workflow with lidar scanning, AI software and BCF as a base for a validated substation Digital Twin in operation
Presentations at the Technology committee:
Tuesday 23th April, 2 p.m.
XR (VR) use-cases throughout the Substation BIM and Digital Twin lifecycle (live)
Wednesday 24th April, 2 p.m.
AI-Based digital data inventory to become a Utility 4.0

Substation Design Solution (SDS) Industry Consortium is made up of member utilities and contract design and engineering firms, whom have adopted or are investigating for adoption, leading technology software platforms along with those software developers.

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