About us

entegra was founded in 1991. Since then the number of employees has constantly risen to 60 persons.
Over the years we have developed a client base of more than 1100 in more than 50 countries, including Siemens as well as Hitachi ABB Power Grids, SPIE and Tennet TSO. The software application primtech is installed on more than 600 workstations all over the world.

Why choosing entegra gmbh?

Learn about our company mission statement and what makes our software and support special here - our team of multidisciplinary experts will always take care of your specific needs and requests.

Our goals

High specialist expertise combined with process-oriented thinking is our strength.
By the introduction of innovative technologies we make our customers get ahead. Our whole team is committed to a responsible, customer-oriented and sustainable method of working.

Our software

Our software solution primtech is tailored specifically to the needs of the energy distribution industry and its suppliers. The fast and intelligent software helps them to simplify, automate and improve the design, configuration, calculation, construction and maintenance of electrical substations.
As a result of the unique capabilities of primtech, Autodesk named entegra an Autodesk Preferred Industry Partner for substation design.
Furthermore entegra is a longtime Autodesk Partner, committed to delivering unique solutions with AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP, Revit and Inventor and more as BIM and CAD tools.

Our services

We provide profound support and training for primtech as well as for the Autodesk applications. We meet the high quality standards of Autodesk Inc. and have therefore been named Autodesk Authorized Training Center in 2003. Our team of specialists with many years of experience will be at your service.

Our management

Uwe Appel
Managing Director

Wolfgang Eyrich
Managing Director

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Our team will be glad to answer your enquiries.
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Phone: +49 (0)7243-76240
Mail: contact@primtech.com

Please also visit: www.entegra.de

primtech is perfectly capable of checking the lightning protection of a substation, because the check in a 3D model is more accurate.
primtech additionally supports - through integrated checking of clearances - the optimization of the substation layout and thereby reduces investment costs.

Sascha Wodarczyk
Technical Engineer B.Eng
TenneT TSO GmbH, Germany

We have been able to act even more quickly since we introduced primtech. Shorter and shorter lead times have been possible, not just in marketing, but particularly in the design and construction cycle.

Sascha Grammel
High Voltage Substations
Siemens AG

Computers and software are part of the routine of an Engineering office, as they enable agility, practicality and precision in the elaboration of projects, therefor primtech3D is a powerful tool, that provides time reduction, increases productivity, better control of the project, optimization of your work scope with access to special tool for lightning calculation, insulation distances and provides tools to identify installation problems and others.

Nuno Vassalo
ENE - Project Coordinator - Energia SE