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Increase your productivity by using primtech. primtech is a
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station design.

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Welcome to Hannover Messe 2017 - the world's leading industrial show. This year, for the first time, we will be with primtech 3d - intelligent substation design - in the Energy Sector section at the entegra stand No. E13, Hall 13, 24-28 April 2017, Hannover Messe, Hannover, Germany. Feel free to contact our primtech 3d team for further information or to schedule a meeting.

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XVII Eriac in Ciudad de Este

Experience primtech live in Paraguay. We invite you to meet and discuss with our experts for substation design. XVII Eriac is the most important Ibero-American Cigre Event “XVII Encuentro Regional Iberoamericano Del Cigre 2017” - on May 21-25, at entegra stand No. 18, El Gran Nobile Hotel and Convention in Ciudad de Este, Paraguay. Please contact us for an individual appointment.

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XVII Eriac in Ciudad de Este

primtech 15

The new primtech 16 is here! This primtech 16 release comes with a Short-Circuit Current Effects Calculation for tubes and wires - as well as new CAD features for substation design. We have introduced two new entis objects - the conduits and high-voltage cables. We have also added new and updated numerous parts to the ever growing entis library.

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primtech 16

Press Story primtech 3D Gives a New Perspective to People

In the November 2014 issue of GeospaticalWorld “primtech3d” was part of the Cover Story and an interview about primtech from Wolfgang Eyrich, Managing Director of entegra gmbh was published. He points out that because substation design is a highly iterative design process, it is a core requirement to be efficient in the design process – to link all the available information including geospatial and make it in an information model (BIM) available to the design team. …

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Press Story primtech 3D Gives a New Perspective to People

Del-Mont Consultants

„It’s awesome. The software is very intuitive, it flows logically, it makes sense.” Mathew White, Senior Designer, Del-Mont Consultants

Del-Mont Consultants – our new reference customer - provides quality professional engineering and surveying services to clients in Colorado and throughout the Western U.S.
See more of what they said on our reference page.

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Del-Mont Consultants

Phase checker – automatically detects all live parts in a substation

This feature allows you to identify the individual phases of live parts including their geometries all across a substation. Each phase is then visually represented by a color (red, green, blue).

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Engineering Solution for Optimized Substation Design
of High Voltage Substations

primtech is an engineering software for the design, construction and documentation of substations (air-insulated switchgear).

High-voltage equipment, substructures, cable ducts, wires, tubes, clamps, roads and fences can be easily selected from a comprehensive library and placed as intelligent 3D objects on a voltage-dependent grid.

The automatic generation of BOMs and CAD drawings relieve the designer of routine tasks, shorten project run times and avoid errors. primtech supports the designer throughout all project phases and improves quality and consistency of the entire workflow.

primtech is the solution for substation BIM (Building Information Modeling) and has powerful integrated calculation tools like a Lightning Protection Calculation, Clearance Calculation and Short-Circuit Current - Calculation of Effects.

Benchmark tests have shown that primtech users are more than 15 times faster in some phases of the design of a switchgear project than when other, conventional CAD software tools for designing substations are used.

Users all round the world are enthusiastic about the functionality, which has grown over years and which offers project managers the quick overview they need to make the right decisions.

  • Component Library

    primtech component library

    The component library manages component data and CAD models, and makes intelligent assembly functions available for design work in the CAD system.

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  • CAD functions

    primtech CAD functions

    Intelligent primtech-AutoCAD objects, developed specifically for the switchgear sector, make the design of a substation extremely easy with primtech.

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  • Data exchange

    primtech data exchange

    Data exchange plays a crucial role in the planning and design process. primtech offers functions for all common sce-

    Learn all about our data exchange